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Surprise Awakening
75 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 75th birthday aaron meyers aaron meyers photography active adventure america antelope antelope canyon arizona august aurora aurora borealis barge batman mountain battery bay bay area photography beach bear beautiful beautiful san francisco beautiful san francisco photograph beauty bestof2016 big island birthday black sand black sand beach blue blue sky boats bridge bridges at night california camping canon canyon canyonlands cataract cave classic clements clouds clouds rest coast color colors composite cracks creek cypress d700 d800 dancing dead tree death valley death valley national park desert drama drought dynamic environment eruption europe evening commute exploring explosion finished fire fireworks flow fog fog photo fog photography foggy foggy san francisco friends fun geology ggb ggb75 ggnra glacier glacier national park glacier np glow golden gate golden gate bridge golden gate bridge art golden gate bridge photo golden gate bridge photograph golden gate bridge poster golden gate bridge print golden gate bridge sunset golden gate bridge sunset photograph golden gate fog golden gate national recreation area grand teton national park green grizzly grizzly bear guide hair half dome happy campers hawaii headlands hike hill hills hofn horses hot lava i made sure as soon as it was possible to bring them here. i hope that the public continues to support public and open spaces so that all generation of ages can enjoy. ice iceland ina coolbirth sunrise ina coolbrith insane july kahala sunrise kalapana kalapana cultural tours kamukona entry kens kens tours kilauea lady lady in the wind landscape landscape sunset photo landscape sunset photograph lava lava floe lava flow le lights logan pass lone tree long exposure lower lower antelope lower antelope canyon magenta magma many glacier march marin marin headlands may mist misty moab molten monsoon monsoon season montana motion mountain range mountains mt. clements mt. reynolds mt. tamalpais mud mud cracks my first national park i ever visited was yosemite. i was smitten by its views in higher and lower elevations. this park is great for all ages and when my children were born mysterious national national park national seashore natural nature navajo navajo land night night photography nightscape nikon nikon d700 nikon d800 northern northern lights nothern lights november ocean old west orange oregon outdoor outdoors pacific pacific ocean page pahoehoe palace of fine arts panamint panamint range paradise park parks pele peter lik photo vacation pick pink planet playa point reyes portfolio pt. reyes purple red red hot reflection refraction reynolds reynolds creek river rock rocky mountains rolling sairam sundaresan samuel boardman samuel boardman state park san francisco san francisco fog san francisco photo san francisco photograph san francisco sunset san francisco sunset photograph sand sandstone santa cruz saturn scenic scenics scurve seascape shapes sierra nevada silicon valley photography sky slacker slacker hill slot slot canyon snake river overlook snow snowing sony a7r ii sony alpha south west southern iceland southwest spectacular spider spiders web stars state park stokksnes storm stunning summer sun sunrise sunset sw swiftcurrent river tam tamalpais tenaya terrain the watchman top 10 of 2014 tour travel tree trees trip tunnel twilight unguided united states usa utah vacation vermilion lake sunrise vesterhorn vesturhorn violet volanoes volcano volcano national park volcanoes national park volcanoes np water water motion waterfall wave west wide angle wild wilderness wilderness area winter wyoming yosemite zion park
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